Yöväenteatteri – a theatre of sidewalk cracks

Yöväenteatteri is a series of site specific miniature performances made in urban settings. With the help of small figurines each scene transforms street elements like sidewalk cracks, trashcans or water puddles into vast set designs. This sublime micro-scale landscape is the kulisse for stories of humans and their ability
or inability to adapt to their surroundings.

During spring 2018 Sandrina Lindgren and Ishmael Falke spend time on the streets of the Turku suburb Halinen in order to create a series of site specific short performances. Performances are later presented as a part of Olohuone 306,4 km2 Urban Art Festival in Turku and URB festival in Helsinki. For URB festival
Yöväenteatteri was realized in close collaboration with project “The Russian Bar” by St Petersburg-based curatorial duo TOK. Read more about the project in Helsinki.

Sandrina Lindgren and Ishmael Falke are regularly collaborating under the nickname Livsmedlet, an artistic group working within Grus Grus Theatre. The work of the duo took a start in 2011 with an interest for exploring the theatrical borders between the human body, its surrounding reality and puppetry.

Yöväenteatteri in Halinen is developed with the financial support of Niilo Helanderin Säätiö.

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