Workshop in Clown Play by Pedro Fabião

INTERNATIONAL CLOWN COURSE finally coming to Turku!

Pedro Fabião: Clown Play

For me, Clown is in its essence an altered body/mind state of full connection, curiosity, authenticity, playfulness, generous expression and transformation. It’s not a technique, a method, light entertainment or rational humour – it involves a life-long journey to accept and play with what is really happening to you in front of an audience. Its function is to release the tension between the opposites of life by turning them upside down, originating laughter and a poetic transformation.

In this workshop we will clear what you communicate on stage to let the audience see what’s essential in you. Everything will be aimed at generating life between you and the audience. We’ll set the conditions so we find what truly unbalances, moves and thrills you – and help you reveal it. We will experience strong emotions and find a playful channel for them. You’ll be sometimes out of control, and you will taste both failure and vibrant joy.

There is a progression in the training. I adapt the pedagogy to participants’ level of stage experience, so that everyone can find meaningful and practical material which you can use in your work.

The more you practice it, this work will have growing benefits on:
– taking a journey through emptiness to emotion, motion, action and finally to clown play, cutting through ideas or constructs
– the awareness to yourself, and how to play with any emotion arriving between you and the audience
– generating connection, complicity and trust with your audience and scene partners

My approach is based on pleasure, respect and challenge at the level each person is willing to take. It can be tailored according to the kind and purpose of each group.

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