What is THE Spiritual Airline?

“The uninstitutional theatre scene of Turku is at the moment exceptionally vibrant and multifaceted. Grus Grus Theatre is one of these groups, whose pieces are awaited with great interest and which succeed to surprise every time.”            

– Irmeli Haapanen, a long-term crtique at Turun Sanomat

Mental Airlines is a provider of mental and physical voyages, maintained by Grus Grus Theatre’s registered association. Also Livsmedlet Duo operates under the Airlines.

Grus Grus Theatre is a 2007 founded project theatre, which does not aim at settling permanently in any working space, but instead works as a guest and collaborator part. We produce a certain project only in the case that it there exists a so called deeper need and reason for it.

We work in a constant dialogue with our artists. Their individual processes form the base for the creation of our repertoire. The main purpose of our theater association is to strengthen the dialogue and diversity between the various disciplines of the performing arts.

We approach the maintaining the diversity of art as equally important to preserving the diversity of nature.

The association is officially bilingual, Finnish and Swedish. In addition, we do individual projects in other languages as well as without text.

“Mental Airline” has long been a nickname for the Grus Grus Theater, but it was prioritized in 2021 as it best describes the activities of our ensemble.

Collaborating parties, e.g.: Tampere Theater, Teatteri Telakka, Dance Theater MD, Korjaamo Theater, Finnish Institute in Paris, Svenska Teatern i Helsingfors, Wäinö Aaltonen Museum, Forum Marinum, Turku Castle, Western Dance Regional Center, Turku Dansart ry, Living Culture Koroinen, BARKER Theater, University of Turku Medical Faculty, Turku Medieval Market, Åbo Svenska Teater, and Turku City Theater, Centre dramatique national Strasbourg Grand Est, Scène nationale Cherbourg-en-Cotentin.

Festival visits e.g.: Tampereen Teatterikesä, Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes, Unidram, Festival Marto, BKT festival St. Petersburg, Klovnifestivaali Punainen helmi, Monobaltija, Bravo-festivaali, Manifesti, Stage festivaali, TIP festivaali, Hiljaisuus festivaali.

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