Sandrina Lindgren

Sandrina Lindgren

Sandrina Lindgren is working as a dance artist, choreographer, theater maker and performer. In her creative work she is interested in understanding what the body is. She is searching for answers through investigating the body’s relation to materials, objects and stories of our times. She is using influences from new object theatre, contemporary dance, puppetry, somatic movement, visual- and physical theatre, dance improvisation and bread baking.

Sandrina is touring and performing internationally under the artistic name Livsmedlet together with puppeteer Ishmael Falke. Livsmedlet is a branch of Grus Grus Theatre since 2017. She also manages the ongoing project Household Dance Protocol, that engages the audience to play in the realms between dance and household work.

She has a BA from the modern dance department of the Amsterdam School of The Arts from 2010. She has also studied choreography at The School For New Dance Development in Amsterdam and theater with Clipa Visual Theatre in Tel Aviv. She is born in Sweden and have lived abroad since 2006, first in Germany, then in the Netherlands and shortly in Israel. Since 2014 she has lived in Turku, Finland.

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