Grus Grus Theatre is a 2007 founded project theatre, which does not aim at settling permanently in any working space, but instead works as a guest and collaborator part.

We produce performances, whose makers themselves are able to watch. We produce a certain project only in the case that it there exists a so called deeper need and reason for it.


SVARTA RUMMETS FJÄRIL / in collaboration with Svenska Teatern in Helsinki, 2014 – 2015

”Grus Grus fascinates with its projections (…) Sofia Molin and Janna Haavisto are captivating performers.”

Isabella Rothberg, HBL


VALTAVA YKSIÖ / in collaboration with Tampereen Teatteri, 2013-2014

”There were no extra drops of charisma to be found this autumn in theatres, until Valtava Yksiö.”

Markus Määttänen, AL


”The story of separation ’Valtava yksiö’ is worth while telling. It has never been told in that way before.”

Anneli Kanto, Teatterilehti


PERSONA / in collaboration with Turun kaupunginteatteri ja Åbo Svenska Teater 2013-2014

”Persona is the art of actresses.” Irmeli Haapanen, TS


”It is respectable to take the risk and create this kind of play instead of that narrative junk food, which the majority of the theatres nowadays offer”.

Ann-Christine Snickars, HBL


JÄRJEN PÄIVÄT – a life standard musical / in collaboration with Tanssiteatteri MD, 2011

”Body and breath are worth while celebrating, they generate art amid the junk and pollution that the economical growth produces.”

Pertti Julkunen, Demari


HUGO SIMBERGIN SIIVET / in collaboration with Teatteri Telakka, 2007 (on tour 2008-2013)

”The animated snake becomes an independent, equally active character as a counter part for the physical actor; such has hardly been seen before.”

Anneli Kanto, Teatterilehti

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