The last drop (Viimeinen pisara)

Mankind is trying, struggling – mankind is climbing higher and higher. Everything is growing, everything is accelerating, everything is getting better than before. Don´t look down, don´t look back.  Grus Grus Theater produces a fascinating circusperformance where the doors of the subconscious stand ajar and hands reach out for the impossible.

Directors: Ville Kurki and Janna Haavisto.
Lightdesign: Vespa Laine
Sound design: Kalle Terästö
Performers: Jessica Kangas, Siiri Lehtiö, Lauri Luukkonen, Ira Oinonen, Havu Palviainen, Hannu Pham, Fanni Silmunen, Timo Tamminen, Jere Virta

Premiere 16.11.2018 at Turku city theatre

“Viimeinen pisara” is a collaboration of Grus Grus Teatteri, Turku academy of applies sciences (the circus-artists education at the Arts Department) and Turku city theatre.

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