Kärringmossen (eng. Swamp of Hags)


Silence lingers upon the swamps. Two creatures appear out of the blue – disappointed over the oblivion on their very existence. A time for reckoning has come. The world has changed – but not for the better. A shameless reckoning can start. The Hags prepare for a party – you are also invited! A change is celebrated in good company.

Kärringmossen (eng. Swamp of Hags) mixes physical theatre, clowning and acting. It is inspired by the bouffon-technique – a special kind of clowning where grotesque characters deal with injustice and hypocrisy in a shameless manner. Through mockery the “ugly”, almost mythical creatures attract us – “the beautiful people”– to laughter and dismay.

The lovable Hags are represented by the unique Cris af Enehielm and Grus Grus Theatre’s own Master of Arts in Clowning, Janna Haavisto.

The performance had it´s premiere at Åbo Svenska Teater (Turku Swedish Theatre) 31.1.2020.

“Cruel, grotesque and cathartic – Enehielm and Haavisto impress (…)The actors complete each other perfectly, and it is not hard to understand why Grus Grus Theatre received the Thalia-prize in 2019. (…) It is a dehumanization that is everything else than fun – you want to close your eyes and run away, but you are stuck sitting in the chair. Because of this, the feeling of catharsis is so indescribably lovely when it in the end appears that it is possible to wipe away the ugliness.” -Katja Sandqvist, HBL

Director: Sofia Molin
Dramaturg: Ville Kurki
Manuscript: Sofia Molin, devising with the working group
On stage: Cris af Enehielm and Janna Haavisto
Choreography: Sandrina Lindgren
Sound design: Kalle Terästö
Visual design: Johanna Latvala
Light design: Jarkko Forsman
Photos: Jussi Virkkumaa
Producers: Leo Van Aerschot and Marjo Pyykönen

The production is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Taike, Svenska kulturfonden, Suomen kulttuurirahasto, Samuel Huberin taidesäätiö, Svenska teaterföreningen i Finland and Garantiföreningen för Svenska Teatern. The tour is supported by Cefisto.

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Past performances:

Red Pearl Women´s Clown Festival (Helsinki)
13.2.2020 klo 20:00


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