Full Measures


A chance meeting in a chaotic world of constant change. A couple unites in an attempt to measure, map out and define each other. Measuring has become an integral part of our existence. Do we still measure to improve our lives, or have the roles changed – do we now live to measure more effectively?

Full Measures is a trio for puppet artist, dancer and measure sticks. It is a visual and proportionally ambitious account on mankind’s obsession of measuring. The internationally acclaimed Turku based ensemble Falke-Lindgren-Nybom-Forsman unite their forces with the Tel Aviv based director Idit Herman. By using unconventional techniques, the creators are once again expanding the boundaries and possibilities of object theatre.

The performance is a co-production by the Tehdas Teatteri and Grus Grus Teatteri

Concept, direction and performance: Ishmael Falke and Sandrina Lindgren
Guest director: Idit Herman
Sound design: Niklas Nybom
Lighting design: Jarkko Forsman
Dramaturgical support: Ville Kurki
Assistant: Sarah Bazire

Performance duration: c. 1h

Language: Mostly non-verbal, English.

Past performances:

TEHDAS Teatteri:
20.9.2019 – 19:00 (premiere)
21.9.2019 – 19:00
22.9.2019 – 15:00
26.9.2019 – 19:00
27.9.2019 – 19:00
4.10.2019 – 19:00
5.10.2019 – 19:00
6.10.2019 – 15:00

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