The Birchmouse and the Shrew

Touring at theaters, kindergartens and schools

The Birchmouse and the Shrew  is a visually charming childerns performance.  The play combines drawing and storytelling in an unique way. The actress operates as a storyteller who live draws the characters and venues – altering between acting the characters and traditional storytelling. The performance is suitable for the whole family-  it tells the story of two different mice that can not be friends because they seem different to the leader of the animals, The Muskrat. The Muskrat oppose to their friendship, and the Birchmouse and the Shrew decide to escape. An adventurous journey towards more tolerant venues can begin!

The performance deals with the fundamentals of racism: fear and power. It is a story about friendship that can last through any difficulties, and of love that overcomes all fears.

”A lovestory that charms line by line.” -Annina Karhu, Turun Sanomat

Directed by: Ville Kurki
Original story written by: Esko-Pekka Tiitinen and Tuula Tiitinen
Dramaturgy: Sofia Molin and Ville Kurki
On stage: Sofia Molin
Pictures by: Sofia Molin
Music by: Kaj Chydenius
Sound design by: Kalle Terästö
Produced by: Grus Grus Teatteri
Co-produced by: ITU Lastenteatterin ideahautomo, Turku city theatre
Photos: Jussi Virkkumaa

Premiered: 13.3.2018 (in Swedish) 15.3.2018 (in Finnish)
Running time at full length: 50min, no intermission
Target audience: 4+
Languages: can be performed in Finnish and Swedish.

Book us up!

Björkmusen och näbbmusen – Koivuhiiri ja päästäinen is touring on demand both in Finland and abroad.

Venue required: 2.5 + 4 + 3 m
No. of people on tour: 2
No. of performers: 1
Synopsis: The synopsis can be delivered in Swedish or Finnish
Special requirements: We have performed in both intimate and on bigger venues, everything from black box-stages to kindergartens, but the venue needs to be  dark- the drawings / projections are not visible in sunlight!

Technical info / Rider (Fin and Swe, pdf)

For further information please contact: or

The performance has toured since 2018 in the repertoire of Turku city theatre and Åbo Svenska Teater in Finnish and Swedish language.

Past performances:

HANKO: I samband med Hangö Teaterträff (8-9.6.2018)
HELSINKI and VANTAA: I samband med den internationella Bravo!-festivalen (mars 2018 Vanda kulturhus Toteemi, Vanda kulturhus Pessi, Helsingfors Stoa).
TURKU: Spelperiod på  Åbo stadsteater (21.3–18.4.2018)
ESPOO: Kulturhuset Pikku-Aurora 25.4.2018
INIÖ: 5.9.2018
PORI: Lainsuojattomat-teaterfestivalen: 9.9.2018
HELSINKI: Annantalo, 23.9.2018 och 24.9.2018
PARAINEN: 31.10.2018
HÄMEENLINNA: Open Cultural Centre Arx 3.11.2018
TURKU: Åbo äventyrspark 27.1.2019
OULU: Uleåborgs barnteaterfestival 2-5.5.2019
KIMITOÖN: Dalsbruk, Mekaniska verkstaden, September Open 7.9.2019
ESPOO: Hagalund, Vindängen 21.9.2019
ESPOO: Hagalund, Vindängen 26.9.2019 kl. 10.00
VANTAA: Myrbacka, Totem 27.9.2019 kl. 9.30
TURKU: ÅST 28.9.2019 klo 14.00
BRÄNDÖ: bibliotek 15.10.2019 kl. 18.30
TURKU: ÅST 26.10.2019 kl. 14.00
MÄNTTÄ: Mini-Teatterikesä, 15.–16.11.2019
HANKO: Stadshuset 26.11.2019 kl. 10.00 och kl. 12.00
STOCKHOLM: 17.2.2020
ESPOO:Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora 10.5.2022
HELSINKI: KoKo Theater 21.5.2022
SALO: Kulttuuritila Näkkäri 11.6.2022


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